Sisters Log Furniture & Home Decor
P.O. Box 833
121 W. Cascade Ave.
Sisters, OR 97759
Phone: (541) 549-8191
Fax: (541) 549-6965

Sisters Log Furniture Outpost
PO Box 833
200 W. Cascade Ave.
Sisters, OR 97759
Phone: (541) 549-8196
Fax: (541) 549-8199


Contact us with any questions  When emailing us, we recommend including a contact phone number in the event that we have trouble replying back to you via email.
The purpose of our web site is to give you a flavor of who we are and what we do.  It is,  by no means, a complete representation of all the items we carry.
Most of the items seen on our web site are stock photos, since every piece is unique and different,  just like you will see in nature.  As often as we can, we photograph the exact item that you will find in the store.
Due to the uniqueness of our business, we don't utilize an "on-line shopping cart".  If you would like to purchase anything from our web site, just give a call.  We confidentially take all needed information at that time.
Please use our P.O. Box address when contacting us via US Postal Service.  If you are sending something to us via UPS or FedEx, please use our physical street address.
Please enjoy visiting Sisters Log Furniture & Home Decor!
Thank you very much!

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